Photo Sessions

Its such a gift to work with families to create special time capsules of the fleeting moments of parenthood.

Here's a little commission guide so that you can see what is considered when planning and pricing your shoot.

Things to consider ...

The Session

Its lovely to have time to talk before the shoot begins, so that we can get to know each other a little. As a mother myself I understand how intimate our relationships are at home and i'd like you to feel comfortable inviting me into your sacred space.

Prior to the shoot we can discuss which environment you'd like to be in- cosy at home or wild and free in the nature. Equally you may choose to be photographed nude or fully-clothed.

I'm happy to drive to you, there may be some small travel fees.


I know it can be hard to keep little ones attention for long, so you can let me know how long you think our shoot can be. Of course the longer we have, the more magic will unfold, especially if you want to document both intimate portraits and more candid moments where the kids can be captured playing or taking part in everyday tasks with you. Its a little easier to shoot for longer with babies or during pregnancy, especially if you feel you may want to take breaks or there are several things you'd like to focus on, for example breastfeeding, portraits, playing, different family dynamics - babies with siblings, grandparents etc.


I love to work with film photography, especially medium format. Its a slower way to work, each frame is very considered as there's only 10 images on one roll. Film also captures beautiful skin tones. However digital is wonderful for more fast paced shoots and low light environments, its also a less expensive way to work. 

I'm super happy to work in either to fit your budget and can provide transparent costs of using film.

A one hour session starts at £200

Before travel & film.

Using Format